The vast “Art Canossa” show room is located in the lush hills of Reggio Emilia, where the splendor of the court of Matilde of Canossa lived, in Ciano d’Enza. Carlo and Lida Lucenti have specialized in bedroom furnishing and above all in the meticulous and accurate research of the antique bed. From “Art Canossa” you can find antique beds from every era, especially from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, from every region of Italy, the result of an art that has produced in past centuries a refined manufacture envied us from all over the world. In large and prestigious exhibition spaces, Genoese, Neapolitan, Sienese, Lucca, Umbrian, Sicilian, Lombard and Emilian beds are on display. From the poorest material, iron, to the most precious decoration in pure gold, all the beds proposed are in excellent condition with little restoration work. Master, after many years of experience in the field of conservative restoration, Carlo Lucenti himself always manages to bring the frames, decorations and paintings of the beds that he buys in almost perfect condition to their original condition. The beds of “Art Canossa”, which have attracted the interest of both collectors and simple lovers of the antique bed from all over the world, are all guaranteed by certificates attesting their origin and authenticity.